Future Electronics USA

Future Electronics USA is today's fourth major electronic component distributor. Future Electronics, created in 1968 by President Robert Miller, is based in Montreal, Canada, functioning in 169 places in 42 regions worldwide, with roughly 5,500 workers.

As the third primary North American piece provider, and the only primary opponent to Avnet, Arrow Electronics, and also WPG Holdings, Future Electronics is actually an outlier of sorts. The business is privately owned, holds virtually no debt, plus has attained most of its progress naturally. In contrast to a lot of the opponents, Future Electronics is able to hold inventories for lengthy intervals - which means it acts as a virtual lender to suppliers and long term associate to providers.

Products incorporate Analog, improvement tools, electromechanical, discretes, interconnect, light alternatives, logic, memory, microcontrollers, micro-processors, passives, optoelectronics, signal/interface, wireless and RF.